This section shows all of our available presentations. These range across all of our products including IFS, NetSuite and Qlik. Please click the links below to view all downloads, thanks!


pdf IFS UK User Group Annual Conference 2016 Presentation

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IFS UK User Group Annual Conference 2016 Presentation

Cooper Software has been looking at technology and it’s advancements to build on our consultancy expertise, with the aim of:

• Building our experience as a Technology advisor
• Supporting the use of technology to further enable our customers businesses
• To strengthen our:
• Mobile App development and roadmap
• Managed Service offerings
• Business Intelligence delivery
• Project delivery and implementation
• Add significant value to our customers’ ERP platform to deliver real business benefit and that differentiates them from their competitors

pdf Netsuite For Accounting System

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Netsuite For Accounting System

How selecting the right accounting system can support, rather than stangle, business growth.

pdf IFS - Why Business Agility Matters Right Now

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IFS - Why Business Agility Matters Right Now

Seventy percent of the companies that were on the Fortune 1000 list just 10 years ago have now vanished. This is largely because they were unable to adapt to change. Expecting the unexpected and evolving quickly have become more than just attributes to pay lip service to; they are now fundamental characteristics of successful organizations.

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