IFS Touch APPS Partner

Cooper Software, is pleased to announce we have renewed our agreement with IFS to continue to be part of its Touch Apps Partner Programme. IFS Touch Apps are a series of apps for smartphones and tablets that run on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms, and are a key element of IFS’s strategy to support the mobile workforce.

Touch Apps use innovative concepts and cloud technology, supporting ‘bring your own device’ in an easy and secure way.

The apps provide IFS Applications™ users with mobile access to functions and information contained within the system from the device of their choice. Each app is focused on quick-to-complete tasks that can be carried out remotely, such as IFS Notify Me™, which informs users when there are new business events requiring their attention and action, allowing the user to take action such as approving or authorising immediately. Similarly, IFS Trip Tracker™ lets users manage their expense, mileage and deductions reporting while they are travelling.

As a Touch Apps partner, Cooper Software can develop additional mobile or web platforms for existing IFS Touch Apps such as IFS Notify Me and IFS CRM Companion™. We also have the authority to develop new standard apps, which are apps offered without any customisation or modification to multiple IFS customers, deployed in the cloud or on premise and are available for download through public stores. Finally, as a Touch Apps partner, we can also develop new private apps, which must be approved by IFS, for use through the Touch Apps platform by IFS customers.

For Cooper Software, being a Touch Apps partner allows us to support customers already using the apps and use this as a driver to gain a greater understanding of the market. We will seek to obtain insights into what customers are looking for in relation to apps, and seek to develop appropriate apps across different areas or develop existing apps to fill gaps in usability. Furthermore, from a research and development perspective, the IFS Touch Apps programme will allow us to work more closely with IFS, ensuring we are developing solutions in the right way and taking advantage of IFS’s technical knowledge and expertise.

Frank Cooper, Managing Director of Cooper Software noted:

“We are delighted to have extended our agreement with IFS to remain as a Touch Apps partner. We already enjoy a successful relationship with IFS and this agreement will strengthen this, while allowing Cooper Software to deliver more business value to our customers and extend our position as a trusted IFS partner.”

To find out more about how Cooper Softwares IFS Touch Apps, contact us on 01383 840 700.

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