Cooper Software Blackberry

Fife-based software company Cooper Software has released a first-of-its-kind IFS Touch App for the BlackBerry platform.

The NotifyMe for IFS Applications™BlackBerry app solution, adapted from the IFS NotifyMe Touch App, seamlessly integrates with the IFS Applications™ ERP system to allow users the ability view and action items within IFS that require attention.

This extends to new purchase requisitions, purchase orders, supplier invoices and travel expenses.

With BlackBerry still widely used in business as the third-largest platform behind iOS and Android, and Cooper Software’s own internal findings suggesting many of their clients still rely on BlackBerry devices, the release of the app to BlackBerry World means there is even greater scope for whole businesses to take advantage of Touch Apps.

Cooper Software also has a presence on the QlikMarket online solution exchange, having released its Finance Ledger for IFS QlikView application earlier this year.

Cooper Software Managing Director Frank Cooper commented, “As integration is at our core, we have been working hard in R&D over recent months to open up IFS Touch Apps to a new market. Business users still very much use BlackBerry devices, either as their main device or as a secondary device, so this App opens up another option for end users. We will continue maintaining our investment in R&D as we plan to roll out more apps for the BlackBerry platform, and also cloud-based apps for iOS and Android too.”

Cooper Software is Europe’s largest independent provider of products, consulting and support for IFS Applications™ and QlikView.

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