Cooper Software has developed two new applications available on the QlikMarket, specialising in Sales Management and On Time Delivery for IFS.

All of our applications have been developed specifically for IFS users and work on all versions of the system.


These off the shelf applications have ready-made data models which enable users to rapidly deploy leading edge business discovery applications to the business, saving costs and increasing return on investment.

Cooper Software’s Sales Management for IFS is a powerful app that gives you the flexibility to explore your Customer Order data in engaging, intuitive ways, enabling you to spot trends and identify information on sales orders quickly. The application seamlessly links directly back to your IFS system and can integrate with Google maps giving users a visual geographical overview highlighting customer locations, as well as relevant sales and margin figures. Sales management for IFS allows you to work with your customer order data the way you want to allowing you to make better business decisions and improving your insight into your business.

Cooper Software has also released On Time Delivery for IFS that enables you to have improved visibility and control of your supplier and order fulfilment performance. Users can compare Late and On-time orders against their promised dates and evaluate the net value of these orders. This gives users the ability to look at orders over time and see the breakdown of your order history enabling users to manage their supply chain and customer orders more effectively.

These two apps join our other application currently in the QlikMarket, Finance ledger for IFS which allows an in-depth analysis of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets.

Cooper Software is Europe’s largest independent provider of products, consulting and support for IFS Applications™ and QlikView.

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