DanCake to deploy ACQUIRE to streamline warehousing processes at their two manufacturing sites in Portugal

Cooper Software, one of Europe’s leading providers of products, consulting services and 24/7 support for ERP solutions, is delighted to announce that Portuguese baking giant DanCake, has chosen to implement their market-leading ACQUIRE data capture solution within their Povoa de Santa Iria and Coimbra manufacturing sites.

Developed in-house by Cooper Software, ACQUIRE is a mobile data capture, barcoding and RF system which allows for the automation of receipt, inspection, packing and all other aspects of warehousing and shop floor operations. By removing the need to rely on manual processes and providing real-time stock traceability, value and availability, ACQUIRE improves business operations and efficiency. The solution integrates seamlessly with a number of ERP solutions, including IFS.

DanCake, who are in the final stages of an IFS Applications 9 implementation, have taken the opportunity to implement ACQUIRE at the same time, with the aim of delivering improvements to stock accuracy and material traceability by simplifying data capture and transactional processes from the point of receipt, through to the manufacturing and tracking of finished goods. By configuring areas of IFS and implementing ACQUIRE, DanCake can make considerable savings.

Implementing ACQUIRE will allow the receipt of raw materials and subsequent usage transactions to be performed, at the point of when they occur, ensuring much faster and accurate data capture. ACQUIRE will reducing the amount of manual data capture currently involved in the warehousing and pick and pack processes, offering the ability to quickly capture raw material batches and weights used via scanning of barcodes. Due to reduced manual admin at the point of data entry and a single point of reference for performing system transactions, DanCake will have increased visibility over stock levels, leading to less wastage in time and materials, and up-to-the-minute tracking of expensive inventory. These improvements in business operations will deliver competitive advantages and ultimately save money. Furthermore, the solution will also provide the key batch traceability that is required by DanCake’s quality department in order to meet industry regulations. 

The project with DanCake, which was won by a competitive tender process, is a significant win for Cooper Software, marking the company’s first assignment in Portugal to focus on ACQUIRE. Frank Cooper, Managing Director of Cooper Software commented: “The project with DanCake is exciting for Cooper Software, not only because it presents the chance to use our expertise to bring significant improvements to DanCake’s warehousing, inventory tracking and management processes, but also because it is an opportunity to promote our cutting edge data capture solution and expand and strengthen our position throughout Europe”.

André Sá Machado, CEO at DanCake added:

"As a company, DanCake is experiencing rapid growth. Alongside our investment in our new ERP system, deploying Cooper Software’s market-leading ACQUIRE solution and partnering with a complete end-to-end professional service provider who are highly innovative in they way they approach a project, will allow us to drive the business forward more efficiently and will give us a solid platform for the future."



ACQUIRE™ is an off the shelf end-to-end solution for ERP systems, designed for the following operations:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Inventory Management
  • Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • Packaging & Distribution
  • Comprehensive Audit, Compliance and Regulatory Reporting
  • Automated Supply Chain through integrated business-to-business transactions (EDI) – Order Creation, Pack & Dispatch, Freight Forward Integration and Payment Integration.

Further information on ACQUIRE™ can be found on the Cooper Software YouTube channel


About DanCake

DanCake Portugal is a company with solid experience, operating in the bakery industry since 1978, producing and selling biscuits, biscuits, toast, cakes and other pastry products.
The company operates two manufacturing facilities in Portugal, Povoa de Santa Iria and Coimbra, with a total of 19 production lines and an installed capacity of 55k tons per year, exporting to 71 countries (75% of their production). Dan Cake founded the category of "Family Cakes" in Portugal, maintaining the leadership to this day. They are the second largest producer of "Danish Butter Cookies" in the world and the world's leading producer of "Luxury Toasts".
DanCake operates in three market segments: production and marketing of its own brands under the DanCake, Danesita and Dan'Or; retail brands for major retail chains; and co-packaging for other confectionery manufacturers. It operates in various markets through partnerships with leading national and international retailers.
For more information, please visit: http://www.danesita.com/

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