Acquire Customer Day 2017

Delivering data traceability and accuracy, mobility and collaboration across IFS user businesses

This year, the focus of Cooper Software’s annual ACQUIRE™ Customer Day, hosted by Eminox, was to explore the ability to deliver mobility to IFS users.

Attendees learned how the mobile data capture solution ACQUIRE™ helps businesses to deliver efficiencies across the warehouse and other business functions. The technical insights into the value of using ACQUIRE™ were supported with live testimony from BAE Systems and Eminox on how using ACQUIRE™ has delivered business benefits.

Topics covered throughout the day included the roadmap for development following the feedback gained from previous customer ACQUIRE™ days, the new framework for delivering patches and maintenance, ACQUIRE™ upgrades including the upgrade process. The day concluded with a demo of our 'next generation' ACQUIRE™ solution, showcasing how ACQUIRE™ measures up to the competitive landscape.


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Our Chief Technology Officer, Gary and Business Development Manager, Calum discuss the ACQUIRE™ Customer Day and the evolution of ACQUIRE™, recognising the similar challenges faced by organisations across many sectors: data traceability and accuracy, and collaboration across the business.



  • Exhaust Emissions Engineering for Cleaner Air, Alex Mills, IS Manager, Eminox Ltd.
  • Delivering Mobility to IFS Users, Gary Clark, CTO, Cooper Software Ltd.
  • Mobile Asset Tracking at Portsmouth Naval Base, Simon Pollard, MATMAN Project Manager, BAE Systems
    (Presentations are available upon request, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Customer Stories: Recent and Future

Eminox install ACQUIRE™ to reduce the time taken to perform procedures across all production lines by 70%.

“Cooper Software worked closely with us in identifying our needs and created an effective, easy-to-use solution that allows us to track the moving of inventory items in the warehouse. The solution has not only been time-saving but has allowed us to be more productive and efficient in the way we operate as a business.
IS Manager, Eminox Ltd.


BAE Systems install ACQUIRE™ to make inventory management and asset tracking processes more streamlined and efficient.

“Cooper Software gave us the confidence that their ACQUIRE™ solution was able to handle all of our unique requirements while making our inventory management and tracking processes more streamlined and efficient. Once implemented we were not disappointed and continued to expand the solution to meet our on-going needs, particularly with the mobile development.“
IT Manager, BAE Systems


DanCake to deploy ACQUIRE™ to streamline warehouse processes at their two manufacturing sites in Portugal.

"As a company, DanCake is experiencing rapid growth. Alongside our investment in our new ERP system, the deployment of Cooper Software’s market-leading ACQUIRE™ solution and partnering with a complete end-to-end professional service provider who are highly innovative in the way they approach a project, will allow us to drive the business forward more efficiently and will give us a solid platform for the future."
André Sá Machado, CEO, DanCake


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