Trends in Technology continue to push boundaries, changing the way businesses operate.

As I sat in a recent Gartner presentation, I was fascinated to hear that in less than 5 years' time, Gartner predicts, it will be fairly commonplace to utilise 3D printing to create 'made to order' human tissue and organs.

Initially, this sounded like something from a Science Fiction series, but Bioprinting is a reality now. Is the World really ready for this? How do we control the manufacture of live human tissue? What are the implications? That certainly got me thinking about how the pace of technology really does drive change as well as disrupt the status quo and what we believe to be the art of the possible.

Other than printing human tissue, 3D printing presents many opportunities for new buisness (such as the printng of spare parts) but will undoubtedly present existing businesses with some interesting challenges and options. If parts can be printed on demand there would be no (or reduced) need to hold stock - this would obviously then have a direct impact on reducing requirements for warehousing and impact directly on the supply chain and logistics. In addition when you consider the potential scale of 3D printing, this will certainly disrupt many markets and businesses.

There are many other areas that technology is pushing the boundaries and starting to disrupt organisations, businesses and the opportunities available as well as the individual - from wearable tech to the Internet of things making everything "connected". At Cooper Software, we are very much looking to ensure we are at the leading edge of this wave of progression and, to this end, are investing in a number of areas to make sure our products, solutions, processes and people remain relevant as technology progresses. At the heart of our technology strategy for the next couple of years, we have identified core themes that will manifest across our whole portfolio of products and services.

Our first, and perhaps widest ranging core theme is around Mobility. This is obviously a key focus for a number of organisations across the country and around the globe, in removing the physical boundaries of the company and ensuring their workforce and employees have access to data from the enterprise, allowing them to perform key business transactions wherever they are and whenever they like. Our intention is to ensure all our products and solutions are architected and designed in such a way that they can be delivered on-premises or within the private or public cloud to ensure their reach and availability goes where it needs to be and on whatever device.

To complement and facilitate the push for mobility, another of our core themes is Software-as-a-Services (SaaS). The push for SaaS is both external and internal to organisations as many businesses are looking to ensure their enterprise systems are "joined up" and they can provide electronic connections with their customers and suppliers in order to easily share data and automate business transactions. Our solutions have always adopted a Service Oriented Architechture and we will be further investing in and evangelising this approach with our partners and customers to ensure the solutions we provide are future proof.

These next few years promise to be very exciting and I'm looking forward to Cooper Software leading the way. I hope you can enjoy the journey with us.

Article by Gary Clark

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