The principle for effective decision making is having the data you need — be it facts, figures, yearly trends or otherwise — available as and when you need it.

This is where QlikView comes in. QlikView is an extremely enabling business intelligence platform, putting the power in the hands of the user — instantly.

That's why QlikView's 'Seeing is Believing' concept works so well — we can have a working app in front of the client the very same day they set out their requirements. Sure, there is still polish to add, but at that moment the full power of the platform becomes known to them.

The key here is that we have adapted our IFS SDK™ to also work with QlikView, meaning we can reduce development time by up to 50% by automatically generating QlikView code for IFS.

Each of our apps is made this way, so they are guaranteed to be engineered efficiently and free from errors. Our 'off-the-shelf' app library cuts down dev time even further by re-using our established apps for sales, finance, supply chain and operations reporting.

Furthermore, we've just released our first QlikMarket app, Finance Ledger for IFS, so if you want total control of your P&L and Balance sheets, head over to the market and check it out.

Cooper Software is the only specialist QlikView for IFS consultancy in the UK. As a QlikView partner, we are a one-stop shop for all your Business Discovery needs from licenses to installation, training, consultancy and support.

Our QlikMarket app is available Qlik

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