Seizing the use of digital media in the modern business era

We are all very aware of the impact modern digital technology is having on our daily lives. In this prolific age there is an unlimited stream of media and information available to all of us at any time.

In the world of business-to-business communications these changes bring many opportunities to companies like Cooper Software, but we must be ready to seize these opportunities or risk being left behind!

If you think of any company as a brand - or promise as to what a customer of that company will gain from purchasing from it - then effective brand communication becomes essential in the modern age. No longer is a brand only accessed in direct meetings or over the phone; it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Through your smartphone, computer, email or tablet you can research and form opinions on a brand instantly - and this is both the opportunity and the challenge for a modern B2B organisation.

A Consistent message is key, as is ensuring relevant and rich content is available to all. Moreover it is vital that you have the right channels open for business - be it telephone, email, web or social media - and these channels must be given the same focus and attention. For all these reasons we have invested heavily in our digital media platform at Cooper Software. We understand that everyone who reads this article could have accessed it from a variety of platforms such as Email, Web, Twitter or LinkedIn, and we understand that everyone has their own preferences for how they find and consume information and we strive to cater for that.

Hopefully many of you have enjoyed keeping in touch with us via our monthly newsletter, blogs and social media feeds. We will continue to use these channels to keep you all abreast of what we and our clients are doing - as well as using the good ol' phone and face to face meetings of course! We are also about to imminently launch a new LinkedIn group named 'Cooper Software Community'. The group is for all our clients, employees and associates. Everyone in our network will shortly receive an invite to join the group, which we hope will act as a further medium for interaction with everyone in the wider Cooper Software Community.

With all these initiatives we hope we are seizing upon the opportunity in front of us, but more importantly we hope we are maintaining effective and open lines of communication to all our customers and would be customers. Your feedback is always welcome, too, so please get in touch with me with any comment or suggestions you may have!

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