Energy & Utilities

The UK energy and utilities industry is an integral part of our society. It provides a reliable supply of gas and electricity that heats our homes, powers our industry and supports modern living. Energy underpins our economy and the industry contributes directly as a major investor and is a key employer in the UK.

The industry is one which continues to expand as the search for alternative sources of power is balanced by environmental concerns.

The array of industries within the sector itself all call for different measures, with the same desire for greater profitability, which depends upon identifying efficiencies across the value chain and increasing speed to market.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Energy and Utilities Industry

Originating within the nuclear power industry, IFS Applications is recognised by analysts and the market as leaders in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the energy and utilities industry. The industry remains an IFS primary segment, with best-practice solutions implemented globally. IFS’ EAM solution is fully integrated with financials, human resources and project management capabilities delivering corporate, multi-site views of operations and maintenance. Collaborative, real-time information sharing helps avoid equipment downtime, extend asset life, reduce service and repair costs and maximise time to value. In an industry where information management and project tracking is of paramount importance, IFS Applications serves as the system of record – from planning, design and construction to operations and maintenance, furnishing stakeholders with consistent, accurate information.

Business Intelligence Solutions for Energy and Utilities businesses

Qlik understands that the Energy and Utilities sector must accurately predict retail demand while controlling supply and operational costs. The QlikView Business Discovery platform unlocks the answers that will improve business decisions about operations, suppliers, assets, risks, and more that directly impact business performance. With the help of Qlik energy and utilities companies can:

  • Improve accuracy of demand and supply forecasts.
  • Track leading indicators to adjust operations to market changes.
  • Exploit sales, marketing and customer service processes to reduce the cost to serve.
  • Reduce plant, asset and procurement costs.
  • Use their data insights to gain a competitive advantage.

Cloud-based Business Management solutions for Energy and Utilities Industry

Changing consumer expectations, regulatory requirements and capital expenditure needs are compelling energy companies to modernise existing infrastructure, invest in alternative or renewable energy sources and seek new revenue streams to grow their business.

NetSuite's unified business management suite helps energy and utility companies optimise their operations to increase agility and accelerate growth.

NetSuite can help organisations unite fragmented data and ease the burden of maintaining multiple systems, thereby improve business agility, allowing a business to respond quickly to market changes and meet evolving customer needs head on.

Selecting the right ERP, BI and business management solution for any Energy and Utility businesses is essential.

Cooper Software has experience of working with a number of Energy and Utility suppliers.

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