Automate business transactions electronically

TRAX™ is Cooper Software’s flexible Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution that allows you to integrate your ERP systems fully with your customers and suppliers.

It is reliable, works with all message types and saves unnecessary administrative costs.

Don’t lose track of your orders, use TRAX™ for automated EDI

In an increasingly automated world, TRAX solves the problem of manually dealing with business transactions to ensure you’re fully integrated with customers and suppliers, helping you to easily conform to international electronic communications standards.

TRAX™ automates external messages or requests to and from your IFS system. Specifically designed for IFS and fully integrated through connectivity and APIs, TRAX™ offers reusable transactions and message plug-ins for easy and accelerated creation of new EDI message processes.

All essential business transactions are catered for, including:

  • Order Processing
  • Invoicing
  • Purchasing
  • Freight Billing
  • Order Status Updates
  • Invoice Billing
  • Payment Records
  • Reconcile Invoices
  • Transfer Funds
  • Plus unlimited scope for future customisation

“Cooper Software took the load away completely and worked with our users and external vendors to drive the project to completion.”

    Director of IT, Bristow Group

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TRAX™ is delivered through four key components, allowing for a simple and repeatable end-user experience.

The components which make up TRAX™ are:

  • Secure EDI Service Layer
  • System Administration Module
  • IFS Integration Layer
  • Transformation Plug-in Library

processes up 500 efficiencytransactions unlimitederrors zero

Low cost, big benefits

For a low cost of entry and with a quick and easy install, TRAX™ offers automated message processing with EDI message types and transformation plug-ins using pre-developed converters from our library. Switching from manual to electronic processing saves our clients time and money, delivering rapid ROI.

The more transactions that are carried out using EDI, the greater the ROI becomes, so with unlimited transactions leading to error free messaging, the overall saving from switching to TRAX™ are substantial.

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