Cooper Software SDK

Revolutionising Software Delivery

The Cooper Software SDK™ (Software Development Kit) allows in-house IT teams to extend the functionality of IFS themselves. Our SDK™ provides the IFS user community with the same capabilities and advantages other major ERP system users enjoy, including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft.

The Cooper Software SDK™ allows you to deliver the systems your business demands, quickly and robustly.

Whether it is through enabling mobile apps, bolt-ons, customised workflows, complex integrations or consolidated business intelligence, our SDK™ gives you the power to configure your systems to meet the needs of your business – seamlessly, safely and securely. Let us explain how!

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Build Your Own Mobile and Add-on Applications for IFS

Does your business want to go mobile? The Cooper Software SDK™ can deliver true mobility to your end users and give you the power to build your own bespoke mobile apps for IFS, without having to modify the core system in any way.

Through its simple application builder, the Cooper Software SDK™ guides you through the process of creating mobile applications for IFS. It comes with pre-developed mobile templates and automatically generates your code, enabling rapid and easy deployment of mobile apps on top of IFS. The SDK™ will automatically build applications for any version of IFS and for multiple target platforms; Android, iOS, QlikView or Microsoft .NET.

Download the Cooper Software SDK™ product sheet here

The Development of the Cooper Software SDK™

For many years Cooper Software has led the way in developing solutions on top of IFS, delivering more than 250 separate development projects to customers around the world. More recently our focus has been on embracing the mobile and cloud revolution, which has seen us successfully deliver customer projects across all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows mobile.

Through these projects we have applied modern development techniques and best practice, whilst investing heavily in establishing a deep understanding of the IFS architecture and its supporting technology. This has enabled us to create tools and utilities to automate much of the development ‘heavy lifting’ needed to extend the capability of IFS. This is what we have packaged into the new Cooper Software SDK™.

Eliminate System Risk

The Cooper Software SDK™ builds applications which are enterprise strength, by adhering to best practice SOA principles. This ensures that the investment you have made in a robust, reliable, ERP platform is not compromised. What’s more, the Cooper Software SDK™ works on all versions of IFS meaning your upgrade path is not blocked by peripheral applications and interfaces. On top of this, our SDK™ re-uses the IFS security model, thus guaranteeing system integrity and security.

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Automatic Generation of QlikView Applications

The Cooper Software SDK™ also works for QlikView users. It maps your databases and automates the generation of QlikView scripts and code enabling you to rapidly deliver robust, high value QlikView applications to your business.

Sign-up as an Early Adopter!

Does the Cooper Software SDK™ sound like it has the potential to help you? In which case we would love to hear from you! We are currently running an early adopter programme, which gives you:

  • Your own SDK trial, supported by the Cooper Software Development Team
  • Priority access to our developers and senior staff
  • Significant discounts for all early adopters
  • Input into Cooper Software's product roadmaps

To find out how Cooper Software SDK™ could help in your business, call us on +44 (0)1383 840700 or fill in the online form

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