Need to save time?

Apps to simplify Time and Attendance and Approvals in IFS.

Do you need to keep track of your employees and contractors time and attendance?

Are you responsible for approving timesheets, holidays, expenses, purchase orders and other key documents?

Cooper Software offers mobile, web-based and on-premise solutions to fit your business needs.

To find out how we can help save you time, watch this video.

Key features:

Employees and contractors log time against work or project activities without requiring full access to your IFS system;

Employees to clock in and out via time clocks in real time at any location;

Managers can complete all types of approvals, anytime, anywhere.

Our Apps are easy to use, save time and seamlessly integrate with your current IFS system.


Time Attendance Thumb

Time & Attendance App

The Cooper Software Time & Attendance App works with your IFS system to provide managers, employees and contractors with an easy and effective way to record and approve time on projects, anytime, anywhere.



Approvals Thumb

Approvals App

The Cooper Software Approvals App works with your IFS system to provide directors and managers with a way to remotely make various types of approvals in a timely manner, on any device and regardless of location.



Clocking thumbs

Clocking App

The Cooper Software Clocking solution works with your IFS system to provide managers with a way of monitoring and approving time and attendance of employees using on-premise clocking devices and terminals.


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