Report delivery made easy

Designed specifically for IFS, BRAVO™ automatically delivers a range of reports, including remittances, invoices and customer statements, via email, efax and EDI. In fact, any report generated by IFS can be delivered through BRAVO™.

Save paper, save time and save money with BRAVO™

If you manually print reports and send them to your customers or suppliers, or print reports from IFS and re-scan them into your system, the time and materials is costing you money. With BRAVO™, which automatically generates reports and sends them in PDF format, the more reports you send, the more you save.

BRAVO™ can be used to:

  • Automatically generate and email out standard IFS reports in PDF to suppliers and customers
  • Provision of audit trail on all reports sent
  • Send out reports individually or altogether in one button press
  • Locate reports quickly and easily using a smart search and filtering utility helps
  • Add and amend IFS held customer and supplier contact details with a simple to use set-up utility
  • Easily tweak format and layouts with ready-made templates
  • Automate Bank Payments from IFS

BRAVO™ delivers up to a four-fold saving on traditional IFS reporting delivery. It also makes a real contribution to your environmental commitments by eliminating the need for paper, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

“The software was easy to install and the ability to bulk send reports has freed up a considerable amount of time each month - not to mention the costs saved now that we no longer need to post the reports by hand.”

Head of IT, Interconnector

Download the BRAVO™ product sheet here

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All Reports Covered

Any report generated by IFS can be sent through BRAVO™ and we have over 20, ready-made report templates for you to use including:

  • Remittances
  • Customer Invoices
  • Customer Statements
  • Delivery Note
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgements
  • And over 20 more

expected roi within 12 months efficiency faster savings 4x

To find out how BRAVO™ could help in your business, call us on +44 (0)1383 840700 or fill in the online form

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