Data migration made simple

Our ARMS™ artefact management system makes data migration faster, easier and more secure than traditional manually intensive methods.

ARMS™ creates artefacts to hold the extracted data, which can then be moved, migrated or re-applied to a different IFS instance or database. The process follows our stringent best practice standards and creates an audit of progress and support along the way.

Extend data migration capability with ARMS™

Traditionally, data migration is a technical task undertaken by consultants with specific expertise. Using ARMS™, data migration jobs can be created simply, sequentially and rapidly. This process is made more efficient and user friendly through our easy-to-use interface and detailed user guides.

Whether you’re transferring information between different instances of IFS or different versions, ARMS™ Data Migration Management console simplifies the process, making data migration accessible to technical and non-technical operators alike.

“Cooper Software quickly understood our needs and, with ARMS™, gave us a product that deals with the management of data in a straightforward and simple way.”

IT Manager, BskyB

With a focus on time saving and improved usability, ARMS™ manages the copying of information between database instances and different IFS versions. This allows users to align different content more easily, bring more structure to the process of updating multiple IFS environments, enhance visibility of IFS changes due to an audit trail of all changes made, and automate manual tasks.

Accessible for non-technical users

Using the IFS Data Migration APIs as its back end, ARMS™ gives you:

  • A Data Migration Management screen that is easy to read and to understand
  • Simplified processes for migrating and extracting data
  • Secure and safe wholesale data changes
  • Shortened time to complete an upgrade
  • Artefacts that hold the extracted data and can be reapplied to another IFS instance
  • An audit of the entire process in order to record and provide reports on progress and success

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