Business Systems Health Check

Discover what type of ERP System is best for your business

We assist our clients in understanding what ERP and CRM system is best for them through our’ Business Systems Health-check’.

This exercise focuses on linking your business goals with your business systems requirements.

Supported by senior members of your team we examine your needs in the following areas:



  • Your business strategy and goals
  • Your current systems landscape
  • Business systems requirements
  • Key business workflows
  • Opportunities for improvement and efficiency gains
  • Current and future IT costs

Business Systems Health Check

For companies who run IFS, NetSuite or Qlik, Cooper Software provides a health check of the system landscape and supporting infrastructure in order to identify areas where functional and technical improvements could be made.

During our System Health Check, we will evaluate the health of your system setup. This engagement is broken down into two succinct activities. The first looks at the system setup and your functional use of the system and the second examines the health of your supporting Oracle database.

Both are short, checklist-driven exercises that inspect a number of key areas within your system. The results are presented in a list of recommendations, many of which can be easily incorporated by the customer to deliver improved performance, governance and system reliability.

The Cooper Software System Health Check follows a six-stage process:

  • Review Configuration and Setup (Print Servers & Agents, Extended Servers)
  • Analyse Tables and Indexes
  • Review IALs
  • Review Custom Modifications
  • Review Background Jobs and Batch Queues
  • Review Users Setup and Security

In implementing our recommendations, clients benefit from a system environment that remains stable and can provide the required level of uptime whilst minimising the overhead of business as usual maintenance. The recommendations also ensure customers get the most out of their solution and any future extensions or upgrades to the platform.

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