Business Information Review

Align your IT Requirements with your Business Goals

Sorting out your business IT Systems doesn't need to be a daunting task.

With some expert guidance and a few short steps your business can update its IT systems.

Cooper Software have developed a unique Business Information Review (BIR) process, developed using our best practice approach.


What is a Business Information Review?

A BIR is an exercise carried out by Cooper Software’s specialist consulting team in partnership with you, the client. The overriding aim is to align your organisation’s overall business goals with your IT requirements in order to create an IT systems roadmap and solution for your business.

A BIR considers:

  • The internal IT solutions currently used; the individual systems and processes
  • Gaps in the current system
  • A review of the market, needs and wants of your clients as well as what your competitors currently offer
  • The external and internal interfaces used, including data sharing and interaction with third parties
  • Disaster recovery, succession planning and controlled change management plans

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Benefits of undertaking a BIR:

The outcome of the BIR is a high level summary document of the project scope, benefits, risks, and outline costs. Ultimately, it provides you with the expert knowledge and solid foundation you need to develop your organisation’s IT systems landscape in line with your business needs.

  • A quick exercise which can be carried out in as little as 5 days
  • Provides a detailed analysis of the current system, processes and requirements which will influence the design of a solution
  • Creation of a bespoke document which identifies key business objectives, measurable success factors, recommended system features, implementation schedule and outline costs.
  • Project is broken down in to key stages and tasks with short term objectives and results.
  • Creates a business case for the project which can be presented at board level, helping to ‘sell’ the solution to the wider business.
  • Reduces the risk of embarking on a project which does not meet the needs of your business - ultimately saving time and money.


The output of all this is a ‘Vision and Scope’ document which outlines the recommended vision for an organisations core business system and the scope of any implementation. This document is entirely bespoke to that particular business and will identify key business objectives

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Next Step

We will work with you to focus on linking your business goals with your IT requirements  in order to develop a business systems strategy.

How much will the excercise cost?

The BIR is a standalone, no obligation exercise. While there are associated consulting costs involved, there is no requirement to go ahead with the recommendations. Making the first steps towards determining what needs to be done and how this can be achieved is a huge step forward for some businesses and can be the start point for further discussions.

Funding is always an issue for IT projects. Cooper Software has helped secure grants for SMEs which can be used to part fund a BIR or IT project, such as installing a cloud computing system

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