5 ways Cooper Software can help IFS Touch Apps Users

Cooper Software is the only IFS Touch Apps partner in Western Europe. We can help you to get the best out of your investment and support your mobile working strategy.

Taking advantage of IFS’ technical knowledge and expertise and using our own development capabilities, we have the authority to develop additional mobile or web platforms for existing IFS Touch Apps. We also have the ability to extend the functionality of existing apps in the suite and develop entirely new apps.



1. Plugging the IFS Touch App Platform Gaps

Thumbs 320 x 220px 72dpi Plugging the gaps

Many IFS customers benefit from using the off-the-shelf IFS Touch Apps which are available via a number of mobile platforms. But what if you work on a different platform and the app you want is not available for your chosen device? For example, the Audit Companion and Incident Reporter are currently only available on Android, yet you really need it to be available on iOS. When a client requires a solution that does not exist on a specific platform, Cooper Software have the skills and experience to plug these gaps. We can create apps you require on the platform you need using the code from the existing app and developing it to make it compatible for your desired platform. 



2. Supporting IFS Touch App Versions

Thumbs 320 x 220px 72dpi Supporting IFS versions

As illustrated in the IFS Touch Apps availability table, each Touch App is aligned with a particular version of IFS Applications. For instance, IFS Notify Me is only currently available on IFS Applications 8 and 9. If you are running IFS Applications 7.5 then, at present, this app is out of reach. As a Touch Apps partner, Cooper Software have the ability to backport the application, making it compatible with the version of IFS Applications that you require. Furthermore, where a client’s touch app is no longer supported because their version of IFS is considered ‘legacy’, (i.e. more than 2 versions old), for instance, version 7.5, we can also pick up this support.


3. Extend App Functionality

Thumbs 320 x 220px 72dpi Extending app functionality

Often a customer is using a particular Touch App which, despite meeting their needs in relation to the process it fulfils, has one or two areas they would like to alter in terms of functionality. We can tweak apps to allow them to make the desired functionality, personalising the app to exactly match your business needs.


4. Create Bespoke Touch Apps

Thumbs 320 x 220px 72dpi Creating bespoke apps

One of the key benefits of being a Touch Apps partner is that we have the capability to create brand new Touch Apps on any of the mobile platforms, on top of the IFS Touch App server technology. By working closely with our IFS customers, we can gain true insight into what you are looking for in relation to apps and then seek to develop appropriate apps across different areas improving productivity and providing a competitive advantage.



5. Touch App Server Installation and Consulting

Thumbs 320 x 220px 72dpi Consulting

To activate IFS Touch Apps, customers need to purchase and install the IFS Touch Apps server. For those customers who have Touch Apps but have been unable to install and configure them, Cooper Software’s consulting team can assist and work with you to get your Touch Apps solution set up and ready for use.

We can also work with you to conduct a full evaluation and review of your Touch Apps needs, developing an understanding what apps are relevant for your business and processes, as well as what platform and version of IFS the apps need to run on. We can use this information to build a bespoke Touch Apps strategy for your business, helping you to configure and install the necessary apps which will help support your mobile workforce in their day-to-day activities.


Olympus KeyMed Case Study 

Cooper Software provided Olympus KeyMed with a bespoke mobile service application on the Android operating system using Samsung Galaxy Tablets. The cutting-edge mobile service application provides Olympus KeyMed service engineers in the field a robust, user-friendly, field service solution that allows engineers to perform IFS system transactions using a tablet device.

We chose Cooper Software because of their in-depth expertise in both IFS systems integration and mobile developments. Their experience in having previously supplied service maintenance applications for other IFS users gave us confidence that the application delivered was founded on a proven and established platform. 


If you are an existing IFS Touch Apps user who is looking to get more out of your Touch Apps investment, either in terms of capability, usability or functionality, contact us on +44 (0)1383 840700 or fill in the online form.



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