About De La Rue

De La Rue is the world’s largest commercial security printer and paper maker, involved in the production of 150 national currencies and a wide range of security documents such as passports, authentication labels and fiscal stamps.

Around the world, central banks use De La Rue equipment to count and sort notes quickly, reliably and in large quantities, helping them to reduce the cost of handling cash.

Project Background

De La Rue required a solution to be able to customise their external facing IFS QRP reports (Quotations, Purchases Orders, Invoices). There were a variety of requirements for the documents that needed to be printed: individual Terms and Conditions; a customisable set of reports that could be administered internally; double sided printing; inclusion of additional fields.

De La Rue also wanted to remove the dependency on pre-printed paper and the use of one printer for each report type, while seamlessly integrating into IFS using the Print Server.

“We had accepted that changes to IFS standard reports were not easily accomplished, having tried many times previously. However Cooper Software was able to provide a full suite of replacement reports for all of our external facing documentation. The solution delivered by Cooper Software fitted nicely into our IFS implementation, as they re-used standard IFS techniques to deliver a seamless solution.”

IFS Project Manager

Our Solution

Working entirely remotely with key members of the IFS project team, Cooper Software comprehensively documented the source information that was needed to deliver the new reports and developed the supporting code and reports.

The final solution was delivered using IFS IALs, Crystal Reports and adapting the Print Server settings. This enabled the final solution to be seamlessly integrated into the IFS system, while also providing a fast, re-usable Oracle database view.


  • The De La Rue project team were able to substitute the IFS QRP reports with flexible Crystal alternatives.
  • The solution is fully supported within the IFS application framework using Crystal Reports, IALs (Oracle Views) and Print Server configuration.
  • The solution is simple and the local IFS administration team can make any future modifications to the reports and underlying query source.
  • These reports removed the need to have pre-printed paper and individual dedicated printers.

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